Do-It-Yourself Family

Do-It-Yourself Family

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a€œThe genius of Eric Stromera€™s book is showing that do-it-yourself projects are a wonderful way to bring your family together. While enjoying each othera€™s company, you learn how to set reachable goals and to build a little confidence along the way. Thank you, Eric, for your enthusiastic encouragement of constructive family time (literally) and for sharing practical tips to make the effort fun and successful. I cana€™t wait for our next trip to the hardware store.a€ a€“Amy Grant Love do-it-yourself projects but have no time? Have your kids taken your hearth and home hostage? Let TVa€™s Superhandy Dad, Eric Stromer, Walk You Through Fun Do-It-Yourself Activities and Home Improvement Projects That You and Your Brood Can Enjoy! Eric Stromer brings his kid-friendly approach to this fun and practical how-to guide for large and small projects for the whole family. Taking you through the major areas in your home, Erica€™s step-by-step techniques will show you how to: a€cCreate entertainment anywhere with an amazing portable activity center your kids will love, while you enjoy some adult time a€cRediscover the person you married by transforming your bedroom into an orderly romantic oasis a€cMake supervised backyard playtime a snap with fun and functional improvements a€cControl clutter in every room with storage your kids will enjoy maintaining And with every project, motivate your kidsa€“and their friendsa€“to make your home improvement goals their weekend of play and a memorable time with you! Whether youa€™re an experienced do-it-yourselfer or a beginner whoa€™s always dreamed of tackling home remodeling projects, let Eric Stromer get you started, keep you going, and help you finish like a pro. From the Trade Paperback edition.To us. that small basement of our Evanston apartment was the place where anything was possible. My whole family was into building stuff. ... The apartment we rented was a blank canvas for interior design. They always said when we move, anbsp;...

Title:Do-It-Yourself Family
Author:Eric Stromer
Publisher:Bantam - 2009-01-21


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