Do I Look Like a Daddy to You?

Do I Look Like a Daddy to You?

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It takes a baby to turn a guy into a man. Hard-won lessons of a first-time father a€” the good, the bad, and the big-time changes. qWhen I used to see a father holding a baby, I thought he was either a poor sap or else an A¼bermensch possessed with talents and levels of forbearance that I would never attain. Now I live on the other side. I'm someone's daddy, and it's the best thing that ever happened to me.q From pregnancy and childbirth through the whirlwind first year of fatherhood, Quinton Skinner shares the adventure of a lifetime: becoming a daddy a€” and loving it. Nobody said it would be easy. But if imminent fatherhood made Quinton sit up and take notice, baby Natasha's arrival was the making of the man. Here, with the infinite wisdom of hindsight, is his survival guide for first-time fathers everywhere, filled with hilarious anecdotes and practical advice on how to negotiate that critical first year of your baby's wonderful life. After a year of on-the-job training, Skinner explores: a€c Dealing with the pride a€” and panic a€” of your wife's pregnancy (see page 7) a€c To be or not to be (in birthing class) (see page 57) a€c The moment of truth in the delivery room (see page 77) a€c Finding romance after parenthood (see page 102) a€c Being the perfect dad while spacing out in front of the TV (see page 112) a€c The joys of sleep deprivation (see page 192) a€c Becoming a baby chef (see page 177) a€c Avoiding the poorhouse (see page 39) From the Trade Paperback edition.The midwife told Sarah how, when she was having her child, her husband wanted to watch a football game on TV during labor. She had positioned ... They end up with a document of the day that they can look at with warmth and pride. Or else they have an ... Or would she like a full, noholds-barred documentary? Would sheanbsp;...

Title:Do I Look Like a Daddy to You?
Author:Quinton Skinner
Publisher:Dell - 2011-08-24


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