Divided Spheres

Divided Spheres

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This well-illustrated booka€”in color throughouta€”presents a thorough introduction to the mathematics of Buckminster Fullera€™s invention of the geodesic dome, which paved the way for a flood of practical applications as diverse as weather forecasting and fish farms. The author explains the principles of spherical design and the three main categories of subdivision based on geometric solids (polyhedra). He illustrates how basic and advanced CAD techniques apply to spherical subdivision and covers modern applications in product design, engineering, science, games, and sports balls.Unlike Class I and III schemas where 3D grid points are created by intersecting great circles or by solving spherical right ... The steps that follow describe how to presubdivide a flat, 2D, equilateral PPT with a skewed grid. ... to fit the face of the spherical polyhedron we are subdividing, and then projected onto the surface of the unit sphere. ... Class II subdivisions made by projection resemble the triacon, but do not minimize the number of parts (chords, arcs, face shapes) as triacon does.

Title:Divided Spheres
Author:Edward S. Popko
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-07-30


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