Distract my hunger

Distract my hunger

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Sometimes who we are is deeply hidden within our genes... A spellbinding story about discovering onea€™s own nature, and how it can be completely different from what you expected. Can our essence have more to it than simple, plain humanity? Do we really know who we are deep down to the core? Iris is a regular teen; she loves parties and wants to fall in love but something dark and unexpected lurks within her veins... She discovers she was born a vampire and is just waking up to her true self. Lifea€™s complexity, well kept secrets and a thrilling twist in Irisa€™s seek for her true nature. If you thought you knew everything about vampires, you are up for a surprise... Nothing you ever believed about them will ever stay the same...I stretched my hand and touched one petal; it became soft and liquid under my touch and stained my fingers. The petals ... I let my fingers slide on each other and realized it looked . . .Just like ... Well imagine adding to all that my problems!

Title:Distract my hunger
Author:X. Williamson
Publisher:Palibrio - 2011-02-02


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