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Menace wants to abandon the street life of hustling but being a black man with a violent criminal record finds his goal unachievable by legal means. He feels forced to venture deeper into the underworld to discover that accumulating riches comes with a heavy price of betrayal, deceit and often murder. Menace struggles within himself to find the right path while traveling the wrong roads. Everything he has dreamed of is threatened when a chain of events bring a new direction to his life. Now escaping the evil streets of Los Angeles with his soon to be family may not be as easy as he first thought.There were two more trucks ready to be shipped to Mexico, a 1998 blue Ford Expedition with 24-inch rims or a silver 1998 GMC Yukon also with 24-inch rims. Fatts could have either now or wait for one of the others to be repaired. Fatts chooseanbsp;...

Author:D Mann
Publisher:Delphine Publications - 2014-12-04


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