Discovering Calculus with the HP-28 and the HP-48

Discovering Calculus with the HP-28 and the HP-48

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This supplementary text for the standard calculus course focuses on how the HP-28S and the HP-48SX (2 graphing supercalculators) will aid in improving students' understanding of calculus. The calculators are capable of rapid production of graphics and calculations so classes that have access to the machines will save valuable time on graphing and calculations. With supercalculators such as the HP-28S and the HP-48SX, students can focus on true Calculus concepts rather than on computational details.Notice that this is not an algebraic problem. That is, we cannot use the usual rules of algebra to solve for the value(s) of $. However, you can see from a simple graph (wea#39;ll do this later) that there are indeed values of $ which satisfy theanbsp;...

Title:Discovering Calculus with the HP-28 and the HP-48
Author:Robert Thomas Smith
Publisher:McGraw-Hill College - 1992


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