Digital Techniques

Digital Techniques

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MultivibratorsAstable (fixed and variable), bistable, monostable multivibrators, schmitt trigger (discrete circuits).Number systems and codes Binary, decimal, hexadecimal floating point numbers and their conversion methods, BCD, EXCESS 3, Gray codes, hamming and other 4 and 5 bit codes, ASCII and ISCII codes, arithmetic operations.Logic hardwareDigital integrated circuits, levels of integration, concept of RTL, DTL, ECL, TTL, PMOS, CMOS, HMOS, NMOS with detail comparison of TTL and CMOS logic and their characteristics, worst case design and interfacing of different families.Synchronous logic and registersSR, JK, MSJK, T.D types of flip-flops, static and dynamic shift registers, reading and writing of registers, tri state logic and its use in computers.Combinational logicMinimization techniques using Karnaugh maps and tabular methods.CountersAsynchronous, synchronous, binary, programmable, presettable, up-down counters, calculation of maximum operation frequency of counters and realization of counters usings ICs.Decoders, drivers, encoders, multiplexers, demultiplexers, buffers, latches, tranceivers, bar code and bar code readers, 7 segment and Alpha numeric displays.Digital storage devicesROM, RAM, EPROM, PAL, PAL programming, static and dynamic RAMs, CCDs, EPROM programming bubble memories, CD-ROMS.Function realization using ICsDigital clock, time and frequency counters etc. Programmable delay logic ICs, crystal clock oscillators.State diagram representation and realization using counters and shift registers.Realise then clocked SR flip-flop using NAND gates only and verify its truth table. (May-2000) 1 1 . Convert JKMS, clocked RS and D flip-flops to Toggle flip-flop. ( May-2000) 12. Determine the output frequency of a cascaded combination of 10 bit ring counter, a€” agt; 4 bit parallel counter, MOD 25 ripple counter, 4 bit Johnson counter. ... Design 4-bit synchronous counter and determine maximum operating frequency if each flip-flop has propagation delay of 20 n sees, and each gate has anbsp;...

Title:Digital Techniques
Author:D.A.Godse A.P.Godse
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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