Digital Systems Design - I

Digital Systems Design - I

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Digital Codes Analog Vs digital systems digital devices, Binary codes, Gray codes, Character codes. Codes for detecting and correcting errors. Logic Circuits Boolean algebra, Theorems, Combinational circuit analysis, Combinational circuits synthesis, Minimization, Karnaugh map, Sum of products, Product of sums form and their minimization, Programmed minimization-Quine Mc-Cluskey minimization algorithm, Timing hazards-Static, Dynamic hazards. Combinational MSI, LSI, Devices Combinational design using SSI, MSI devices, Decoders (74X139, 74X138), Encoders (74X148), Tristate buffers (74X244, 74X245), Multiplexers(74X151), Parity circuits (74180), Comparators(7485), Adders (7483), Subtractors, BCD adders - subtractors, ALU (74181), Combinational Multipliers, Combinational PLDs. Logic families Basics of TTL, CMOS, ECL circuits for basic logic operations just circuits and working of them in all above families. No characteristics of families. Sequential Logic Practices Basic elements, Latches and flip-flops, S-R, D. T, J -K latches and flip-flops, Flip-flop conversions, Applications of latches and flip-flop in switch debouncing, Bus holder circuits, Flip-flop timing considerations and metastability. Counters Asynchronous, Synchronous counters, Up down counters, Mod counters, Ring counters, Shift registers, Universal shift register.Example 7.12 : Draw the timing diagram for IC74193 showing all signals. clock Ap fy_k o+V, cc CPr LA P0 P, P2 P3 TCu TDu IC 74193 MR Og Q, Q2 Q3 PL a–iBa€” X ^ Fig. 7.28 Mod-12 up counter Solution : Fig. 7.29 shows the timing diagram foranbsp;...

Title:Digital Systems Design - I
Author:A.P.Godse, D.A.Godse
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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