Digital Protection

Digital Protection

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The Present Edition Of The Book Contains Almost All The Topics Connected With Protection Schemes. The Book, Which Consists Of Ten Main Chapters And Two Appendices, Starts With The Chapter On Introduction, And Includes Chapters On Fundamental And Basic Theory Of Protection Schemes, Definition Of Various Terms, Different Types Of Protective Relaying Schemes, Generalized Mathematical Theory Of Protective Relay, Relay As A Comparator, Single Input, Dual Input And Multi- Input Comparator, Different Types And Arrangement Of Protection Schemes For Various Components And Detailed Studies Of Electromechanical, Electronics, Static And Digital Relaying Schemes. The Digital Protection Of Synchronous Machines, Transformer And Transmission Line Based, Both On Fundamental And Travelling Wave Phenomena, Are Dealt With In Detail. Also Included In The Present Edition, Are The Related Topics Such As Theory And Design Of Dynamic Test Bench, P.C. Based Relay Setting And Coordination, P.C. Based Short Circuit Studies And Ultra High Speed Relaying Schemes.The Present Edition Which Contains Almost All The Topics Of Current Interest In The Area Of Protective Relaying, Will Certainly Be Very Useful To The Teachers, Students And Engineers Working With The Utilities. The Present Edition Is The Result Of Teaching By The Author To The Undergraduate And Postgraduate Level Classes And Supervising Several Doctoral And Master Thesis And Graduate Level Projects In The Area Of Power System Protection At The Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur, For More Than Two Decades. The Content Of The Present Edition Has Been Class-Tested For Several Years At The Undergraduate And Postgraduate Level Classes At L.L.T., Kanpur. It Has Also Been Tested In Several Intensive Courses Offered By The Author Under Qip And Other Schemes To The Teachers Of Academic Institutions And Also Engineers Working With Utilities.A protective scheme, basically consists of relays, sw itch gears such as circuit breakers, etc. ... There are different types of faults in the power system which can broadly be divided into symmetrical and ... due to different types of faults at different locations of the power system, it becomes necessary to use a suitable computeranbsp;...

Title:Digital Protection
Author:L. P. Singh
Publisher:New Age International - 1997


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