Digital Computer Design

Digital Computer Design

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Digital Computer Design: Logic, Circuitry, and Synthesis focuses on the logical structure, electronic realization, and application of digital information processors. The manuscript first offers information on numerical symbols, fundamentals of computing aids, quantization, representation of numbers in an electronic digital computer, and computer applications. The text then ponders on the nature of automatic computation and Boolean algebra. Discussions focus on the advantages of a Boolean algebraic description of a digital computer; clock pulse generators and timing circuits; sequential switching networks; elements of information processing systems and types of digital computers; and automatic sequencing methods. The book elaborates on circuit descriptions of switching and storage elements and large capacity storage systems. Topics include static magnetic storage, dynamic delay line storage, cathode-ray storage, vacuum tube systems of circuit logic, and magnetic core systems of circuit logic. The publication also examines the system design of GP computers, digital differential analyzer, and the detection and correction of errors. The text is a valuable source of data for mathematicians and engineers interested in digital computer design.Logic, Circuitry, and Synthesis Edward L. Braun ... The third tabulation, which can be derived from the logic and usage tabulations, comprises a wiring tabulation for it lists all points that ... in the development or production stages, than wiring diagrams; (3) it is useful both in initially wiring a machine and in future maintenance, anbsp;...

Title:Digital Computer Design
Author:Edward L. Braun
Publisher:Academic Press - 2014-05-12


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