Digital Black & White Landscape Photography

Digital Black & White Landscape Photography

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Landscape photography is a popular photographic genrea€”and for good reason. The great outdoors is an ever-ready subject. It is variable, as well; it is affected by changing light, decomposition, weather, human interaction, and myriad other factors. Its features range from natural to manmade elementsa€”and many landscapes are comprised of both. Photographers who point their cameraa€™s lens at a scene do so in an effort to communicate their feelings about the landscape. Rather than simply document the scene, they seek to capture the spirit of placea€”perhaps to tell a story or depict a mood. They aim to share with viewers the ways in which the scene speaks to them. Accomplishing these goals may seem simple at the outset, but the task is rife with challenges. In this book, Gary Wagner shows readers how to create powerful, evocative black a white landscape photographs filled with beautiful light, a full range of tones, and exquisite detail. Beginning with a look at the gear youa€™ll need to get the best-possible images, Wagner covers cameras, lens types, tripods, and filters. He then discusses the postproduction processes he uses to enhance his images, producing breathtaking photographic records of natural and man-altered locales.For most of my work, however, a heavier tripod keeps the camera steady and less subject to wind movement. With my ... A filter can be replaced easily if it gets scratched, but it is much more costly to repair or replace a lens. Neutral densityanbsp;...

Title:Digital Black & White Landscape Photography
Author:Gary Wagner
Publisher:Amherst Media - 2015-07-20


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