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Introduction: differential reading -- Crisis in the humanities? Reconfiguring literary study for the Twenty First Century -- Cunning passages and contrived corridors: rereading Eliot's qGerontionq -- The search for qprime wordsq: Pound, Duchamp, and the nominalist ethos -- qBut isn't the same at least the same?q Wittgenstein on translation -- qLogocinema of the frontiersmanq Eugene Jolas's multilingual poetics and its legacies -- qThe silence that is not silenceq: acoustic art in Samuel Beckett's radio plays -- Language poetry and the lyric subject: Ron Silliman's Albany, Susan Howe's Buffalo -- After language poetry: innovation and its theoretical discontents -- The invention of qconcrete proseq: Haroldo de Campos's Galaxias and after -- Songs of the Earth: Ronald Johnson's Verbicovisuals -- THe Oulipo factor: The procedural poetics of Christian Bok and Caroline Bergvall -- Filling the space with trace: Tom Raworth's qLetters from Yaddoq -- Teaching the qnewq poetries: the case of Rae Armantrout -- Writing poetry/writing about poetry: some problems of affiliation.Heideggera#39;s essays on Holderlin are generally held to be classics of twentieth- century philosophy and literature. ... Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan to the two George Bushes and even the Rhodes scholar Bill Clinton, are a case in point.

Author:Marjorie Perloff
Publisher:University of Alabama Press - 2004-09-26


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