Diet Trials

Diet Trials

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The shelves of bookshops are packed with faddy diet books that convey a whole host of different weight-loss approaches, such as restricting fat, cutting out carbohydrates, avoiding specific food combinations or drinking bowls of unappetizing soups, but there is very little research to say how effective these methods really are. In Diet Trials, a major new TV series, the BBC sets out to address this by putting to the test the popular diets that millions of us try every year. In this book to accompany the series, respected dietician Lyndel Costain delves deeper into the causes of weight gain, examining and explaining unhealthy attitudes towards food and offering strategies to develop healthy eating habits in their place. Lyndel shows you how to fit good food into your daily routine without drastically altering your lifestyle and helps you to set achievable targets that will allow you to lose weight and then keep it off. Finally, Lyndel puts some of the most popular diets on trial, outlining the pros and cons of each approach and providing case studies of people who have tried them, so that you can judge them for yourself. Complete with questionnaires, charts and eating plans, Diet Trials is both a reliable reference book and a tool of empowerment, teaching you how to develop good eating habits and a healthy relationship with food uawhich is the real key to successful dieting.Calculating the Right Calorie Level for Your Weight-Loss Needs You can approximate your basic calorie needs with ... Now calculate your resting metabolic rate - the number of calories you would burn in a day if you were lying still and notanbsp;...

Title:Diet Trials
Author:Lyndel Costain
Publisher:Bbc Publications - 2003-01-01


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