Diary of a Roughneck Traveler

Diary of a Roughneck Traveler

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This book has been written for the purpose of dispelling many imagined and erroneous concepts to the world of extreme budget travel. Extreme budget travel exists, it is relatively safe, and it is alive and well. This author has lived the life of an extreme budget traveler. He will explain how travel to many places in the world is easily accessible and available to anyone on virtually any type of budget. Through these pages you will find the a€˜blue printa€ to make your extreme budget travel plans. A detailed list of safety preparations, travel gear and proper travel documentation will be outlined. You will be a witness to street life as few have viewed it before. Example after example will be shown to demonstrate the use of time and sense of adventure as your currency to the wonders of the world. This author puts you in the moment on a daily basis. You will read about actual experiences and mistakes as only a daily journal can relate. You will experience the adventure of travel success and mistakes. Extreme budget travel in Mexico and Central America is a learned craft. The authora€™s intent is to bring the reader into a problematic scene as a voyeur so the reader may mentally comment on the solution. If you are put in the moment then you the reader will be practicing and exercising for your future adventure.These essentials are a thin wallet with one ATM card, passport, one credit card, and cash consisting of hidden American money and easy-access local currency. A pen, small coin purse, and small notepad should complete the essentials.

Title:Diary of a Roughneck Traveler
Author:Michael Madrid
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2013-09-04


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