Diary of a Company Man

Diary of a Company Man

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James S. Kunena€”author of The Strawberry Statement, an account of the 1968 student uprising at Columbia Universitya€”chronicles his adventures on the road to finding meaning in work and life. He traces his evolution from a rebellious youth who sees working as a kind of death, to a laid-off corporate executive who experiences not working as a kind of death, to a reinvented and reinvigorated individual who discovers something important and meaningful to do. The experience of falling victim to Americaa€™s recession-ravaged economy (and the people who run it) leads him along a career path far different from anything he had planned. After years of making a living, Kunen finally learns how to make a life. Diary of a Company Man will be a revelation not only to baby boomers but to young people trying to figure out what to do with their lives.... already inthetruck; youhad twenty-one screws andyou hooked upthe radio, the [instrument] cluster, the cigarette-lighter, everything on the dash. You did every fifth car, and at that point we were building roughly five hundred vehiclesa day, soIwas doinga hundred ... Boothhadinstalled monitoring equipment in peoplea#39;s homes for Arbitron, the audience-ratings firm;hea#39;d fixed copying ... a€œDoingiton my own, justpickingitup, talking to people, looking in books andtrying it, a€ Booth said.

Title:Diary of a Company Man
Author:James S. Kunen
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2012-01-10


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