Devonian Events and Correlations

Devonian Events and Correlations

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The Devonian was a peculiar period, characterized by simplified plate tectonic configurations, climatic overheating and widely flooded continents. The bloom of fishes and ammonoids, extensive reef complexes, and the conquest of land indicate major biosphere innovations, punctuated by many global events, including two of the biggest mass extinctions. The Devonian was the first system for which subdivisions were formally defined. This was achieved by significant advances in pelagic biostratigraphy. The chronostratigraphic framework and interdisciplinary techniques allow us to correlate intervals or sudden events across facies boundaries, in order to reconstruct the sedimentary and evolutionary history of the system with highest precision. This volume honors the lifetime stratigraphic achievements of Michael Robert House (1930-2002). Based on case studies from Europe, North Africa and North America, it shows how the combination of biostratigraphy, chemostratigraphy, magnetostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy and event stratigraphy can contribute to a much deeper understanding of both regional and global environmental change.Correlation chart of Givetian chronostratigraphy, global events, Dra Valley goniatite (sub)zones and standard conodont zones with the Bergisch Gladbach lithostratigraphy, goniatite and Uncites successions. (n) (o) (p) Fig. 8. Species ofanbsp;...

Title:Devonian Events and Correlations
Author:R. T. Becker, W. T. Kirchgasser
Publisher:Geological Society of London - 2007-01-01


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