Detail Man

Detail Man

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This book chronicles the 35 years of this sturdy lads adventures in the world of Pharmaceutical Sales. Anecdotal stories of what it was like to work in the environment of Big Pharma prior to President Ronald Regan signing into law the Prescription Drug Marketing act of 1987 on April 12th 1988, and how he and the industry matured and changed with the times. Anyone who is in or who was in the pharmaceutical business can relate to the stories in qDetail Manq. We've all qbeen there, done thatq. Some of the stories are simply an historical prospective of what it was like prior to 1988, others a snap shot in time of daily events that actually happened. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and who knows, you may even learn a thing or two. So here's a toast to all of you who have carried the qBagq. To all of you launchtrac seekers and spreadsheet readers, to all of you who have talked the talk, and walked the walk. May you sample bag be filled with good stuff, your quota's low and your commission checks high. Good selling.My. Seat. Belta€. I. picked up my first Company Car in late July of 1976. I was to meet my new boss Ray, that following ... when I push my foot on the gas peddle of this LTD, like the old Beach Boys song a€œLittle Duce Coupe, a€œif she had a set of wings man I know she could flya€. ... down and the retractor was there but no seat belt.

Title:Detail Man
Author:Kent Andiorio
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-12-15


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