Destination Creativity

Destination Creativity

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Experience art retreats without leaving your home! Therea€™s a community of passionate, creative souls looking to connect, and the art retreat is where is happens. In Destination Creativity, RicAl Freeman-Zachery brings the life-altering journey of the art retreat from venues all across the country straight into your hands and the comfort of your favorite chair. Maybe youa€™ve heard about the many different places you can go to take art workshops from a variety of talented artistic instructors, but you havena€™t been sure which retreat experience is right for you. RicAl has done your homework! From Port Townsend, Washingtona€™s Artfest to Hampton, Virginiaa€™s Art a Soul, from rural Wisconsin to the strip of Las Vegas, from beads to quilts to painting with your hands, she has the inside scoop for you in Destination Creativity and a first-hand account of nine inspiring art retreats. Am Take five workshops right alongside RicAl with step-by-step instruction and a glimpse into the actual classroom experience. Am Hear from a variety of attendeesa€”creative types just like youa€”what it is that drew them to attend their chosen event and be inspired by their life-changing stories. Am See what the retreats actually look like with plenty of atmospheric photos taken by RicAla€™s favorite sidekick, Earl Zachery. Am Discover ideas for hosting creative get-togethers in your own hometown including naming your retreat, picking a venue and planning meals. Destination Creativity is your chance to see what all of the buzz is about. Pull up a chair and take the journey. The online community for mixed-media artistsIta#39;s a process you want to learn and master, and so you take the time to do it again and again, learning it in a very calm, peaceful way until it ... Metalsmithing processes can be, and in fact should become, as meditative and satisfying as throwing pottery on a wheel or practicing yoga. ... Once youa#39;ve gotten the first rivet set, go back and drill ... beads, shells, charmsa€”what- ever you likea€”to complete the necklace, joining the portholes with chain. the portholes with chain. ... 041_Z9582.pdf.

Title:Destination Creativity
Author:Rice Freeman-Zachery
Publisher:North Light Books - 2011-08-24


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