Designing Silverlight Business Applications

Designing Silverlight Business Applications

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Build Highly Usable, High-Performance Business Applications with Silverlight 5 Microsoft Silverlight MVP and Wintellect Consultant Jeremy Likness gives you all the hands-on guidance and proven patterns and practices you need to build scalable, maintainable, and highly professional applications for multiple platforms and browsers. In this first complete guide to designing Silverlight applications for commercial use, Likness focuses on the advanced Silverlight features most directly related to solving real-world business problems and demonstrates how these features fit together in production-quality applications. Written from the ground up, this book covers every key area of enterprise Silverlight development. For each, Likness introduces the opportunities and capabilities Silverlight provides, offers relevant case studies from actual projects, presents complete C# code samples, and explains them in detail. Every chapter concludes with a summary highlighting the specific information and techniques most important for developers to consider. Coverage includes a€c Discovering why Silverlight is superior to HTML5/JavaScript for most line-of-business applications a€c Leveraging Silverlight 5a€™s powerful enhancements to performance, text, printing, usability, security, and programmability a€c Effectively applying Silverlighta€™s application cycle in enterprise applications a€c Using XAML to drive Silverlighta€™s visual interface a€c Quickly transforming raw data into visually appealing information a€c Using Silverlighta€™s innovative Visual State Manager and data binding to separate design, UI/UX experience, and business logic a€c Simplifying development with the MVVM pattern a€c Using MEF to integrate modular code into highly extensible, maintainable, and testable Silverlight applications a€c Improving and automating testing with Silverlight Unit Testing Framework and third-party add-ons a€c Mastering each leading approach to navigation and implementing the best one for your application a€c Implementing the service layer, persistence, and state management a€c Building advanced a€œout-of-browsera€ applications a€c Integrating sophisticated line-of-business features into your solutions a€c Optimizing the performance of your Silverlight applications This book will be invaluable for all experienced client developers who use Microsofta€™s technology stack and want to leverage Silverlighta€™s immense power; and for every Silverlight developer seeking to improve existing line-of-business applications with the new Silverlight 5.alt;/StackPanelagt; When you run the application, you should see the button (labeled Export) to export tasks when you are in OOB mode. ... the system, such as Excel and Word, and then dynamically wire a list of icons for the user to select and export his data into his document preference. ... C:\Users\Jeremy Likness\ AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\Silverlight\OutOfBrowser\index Items are listed by domain name.

Title:Designing Silverlight Business Applications
Author:Jeremy Likness
Publisher:Addison-Wesley - 2012-03-28


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