Designated Fat Girl

Designated Fat Girl

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A brutally honest memoir of life as an obese womana€” the pain, humiliation . . . and hope Jennifer Joyner was slowly killing herself with food. She didna€™t know what to fear more: dying, or knowing that she was causing her own death. She was powerless to stop. She weighed 336 pounds. She had uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure. Shea€™d lost jobs and friendships, and her marriage was hanging by a thread. She disgusted herself. She couldna€™t even attempt a sex life. Shea€™d never felt so desperate or alone. Designated Fat Girl tells her story. It is a painfully honest account of Joynera€™s experiences as an obese womana€”of always having to buy new clothes that fit, pretending to order for two people at drive-through fast-food joints, the constant cycle of binge and regret, not fitting into her wedding dress, the cruel comments. Ita€™s a story about her decision to have gastric bypass surgery and the resulting complications. In the end, it is also a story of recovery and survival.I had a zippy little red Toyota Corolla that was excellent on gas and therefore perfect for my two-hour-a-day commute. It had leather seats and a sunroof, and even though I was way over 250 pounds, somehow Ifelt sleek and hip driving thatlittleanbsp;...

Title:Designated Fat Girl
Author:Jennifer Joyner
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2010-09-01


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