Design and Construction of an RFID-enabled Infrastructure

Design and Construction of an RFID-enabled Infrastructure

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Internet 2.0 (previously called the Internet of Things) presents a tantalizing vision of bridging the cyber and physical worlds to forge a seamless planet-wide infrastructure in which cyber resources and physical objects can interact without human intervention. The technology needed to build the infrastructure already exists. However, more than a decade after the vision of Internet 2.0 was articulated, it remains largely unrealized except in isolated settings. Following a background discussion, Design and Construction of an RFID-enabled Infrastructure: the Next Avatar of the Internet addresses three questions: what are the barriers to the emergence of Internet 2.0 as a global infrastructure? What are the features that Internet 2.0 architecture must have if it is to become a successful global infrastructure?How can one build a prototype of Internet 2.0? The quest for answers to the above questions threads the narrative through the birthing process and maturation of two successful global infrastructuresa€”the Internet and the web. Based on a review of the design philosophies underlying the Internet and the Web, their histories and the strategic stewardship that midwifed their births, the book presents the architectural guidelines for the Internet 2.0 infrastructure as well as a blueprint for the construction of its prototype. The discussion in the book is consolidated into a list of technical and strategic guidelines intended to facilitate the incubation of Internet 2.0.Figure 2.4 The 12-digit Universal Product Code used in barcode labels (courtesy such functions as running anticollision algorithms ... On the other hand, if the first digit is a 5, then the next 10 digits represent a coupon code.

Title:Design and Construction of an RFID-enabled Infrastructure
Author:Nagabhushana Prabhu
Publisher:CRC Press - 2013-11-20


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