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This story tells about the life and experiences of a young man, our narrator, who grew up in a small-town in America. A biography of this townie (as we will call him) is not intended in this story. He will be treated by the author as a fictional character, Roger Williams, although this young man did experience most events in the story. The parts of the story which are fictional are interwoven with actual events in order to connect events within the sequence of the story and in the order that they occurred. Hopefully, the fictional parts will be indistinguishable from the other. The young man, his service associates and a few fictional cohorts, were the participants in this most remarkable story about conditions of battle within the course of the Cold War and the allied western nations intelligence services operations that were centered in Berlin, West Germany. In the small town home of this man, he was separated from U.S. national politics and most world events by distances, community-attitudes and his own immaturity. With education, travel and some happenstance he grew into a person of the world, zur Weit kommen (to the world he comes.) The first part of this story tells about his youth in small town America while World War II was ending and there was a realization, nationally, that a Cold War was raging. This story shows that small town America was not as far from the Cold War the front-line and world events as the town=s residents might have realized. In retrospect, the world actually came to small.... far back as a#39;63 with the PROMAS analysis. He noticed that, in many of the analyses, an image was identified that was vaguely (20- 40 %) similar to other pictures we had of Spect. Of course, that is in a time-frame before our target is known toanbsp;...

Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2013-07-23


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