Demystifying Youth Soccer

Demystifying Youth Soccer

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Every year a new group of children make the move from qpeeweeq soccer up to qyouthq soccer, where there is suddenly a referee enforcing rules that go well beyond no hands. And every year their parents are surprised by the limits of their soccer IQ. Season after season, parents ask the same questions on the sidelines, such as qWhy did they retake that throw-in?, q Why wasn't that called a hand ball?, q qHow was that offsides?, q and dozens more. This book answers parents' soccer sideline questions in clear, conversational language to demystify the game. This book is the qsoccer buddyq that new soccer parents need to get themselves up to speed quickly on the game of youth soccer -- how it is played, why it stops and how it restarts. It also teaches parents what to look for while watching a youth soccer game-how to tell a good game from a bad game. And along the way, the authors lay a foundation to help parents become better qsports parents, q which is advice that most parents need but rarely go looking for. Between them, the authors are a coach, trainer, referee, player and seasoned soccer parent. Their goal is to help parents understand and enjoy the game of youth soccer, a wonderful game for children. This book features diagrams and pictures to aid understanding, and it includes a glossary of soccer terms for easy reference. It also contains notations comparing soccer to more popular American sports, which help parents better relate to the intricacies of youth soccer. Smart parents know that a quick read is the easy way to help themselves and their child get the most out of the youth soccer experience. Why not get the answers the easy way and demystify the game of youth soccer?, aquot; Why wasna#39;t that called a hand ball?, aquot; aquot;How was that offsides?, aquot; and dozens more. This book answers parentsa#39; soccer sideline questions in clear, conversational language to demystify the game.

Title:Demystifying Youth Soccer
Author:Richard T. Golden, Jr. Radovan Pletka
Publisher: - 2014-05-01


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