Delhi: Mostly Harmless

Delhi: Mostly Harmless

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a€˜... nobody who lives there, nobody at all, has much good to say about Delhi.a€™ Along with Milton Keynes, Detroit and Purgatory, Delhi is one of the worlda€™s great unloved destinations. So when Elizabeth Chatterjee makes her way from the cool hum of Oxford to the demented June heat of heat of Delhi to research her PhD, she find herself both baffled and curious about the je ne sais quoi of this city of a€˜graveyards and tombstonesa€™. As flanAour and sagacious resident, Liz takes us through the serpentine power structures, the idyll, the bullshitAsa€”peeling layer after layer of the citya€™s skin to reveal its aspirations, its insecurity, its charm and finally its urban dissonance. Uncannily perceptive, predictive, and hysterical, Delhi Mostly Harmless puts a firm finger on the electric pulse of Delhi.used, full of tipping points and black swans. ... He was fond of making a gesture that looked like overturned stool: two fingers and a thumb made a semi-circle in the air, ... The uniform is remarkably similar everywhere: plaid shirts, vintage Ta€” shirts, skinny jeans or shorts, MacBooks in ... that the Indian hipster would have waited in line for the opening of Delhia#39;s first Starbucks in February 2013, somethinganbsp;...

Title:Delhi: Mostly Harmless
Author:Elizabeth Chatterjee
Publisher:Random House India - 2013-12-02


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