Defending Her Honor

Defending Her Honor

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Her Honor Judith Frick waits, tied to the bedpost, for her husband to come back to bed, but the man who enters in a chickadee mask is not Walter, but an intruder who stuffs a pillow over her face until she blacks out. When she opens her eyes again, the police are swarming through her bedroom and Walter lies dead in the kitchen with a knife in his belly. Lieutenant Patricia Newman holds a grudge against Her Honor for an old case that forced a sergeant off the force, and is determined to arrest the judge for Waltera€™s murder. Judith turns to her old flame, Jack Stryker, to confirm her taste for bondage. Jack is on disability after a crack-house explosion, but he cannot let it go at that. Assisted by Aisha Adams, a former prostitute, he tries to clear Juditha€™s name by finding Waltera€™s killer, a trail that leads him through a real-estate scandal and Waltera€™s possible infidelity. At the same time, Jack tries to help madam Maggie Malloy, whose working girls are turning up dead. Like Jack and Judith, Maggie and Jack have historya€”in fact, the same history, of a single night. The link between Her Honora€™s case and Maggiea€™s is the key to the mystery and the only hope of stopping a string of apparently unrelated deaths. To defend Her Honor from a charge of murder and Maggiea€™s girls from a killer, Jack must recover his vision, both of the case in front of him and the night that changed their lives forever.Blue and gold in town means UCLA; cardinal and gold, USC. Stanford is cardinal ; the universitya#39;s home is Palo Alto, which means tall tree in Spanish, and their mascot wears the costume of a tree on the sidelines of football games. Berkeleya#39;s anbsp;...

Title:Defending Her Honor
Author:Richard Fliegel
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-07-01


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