Deep Dive: The Development of an Exploit (Win32)

Deep Dive: The Development of an Exploit (Win32)

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Cyber crime is on everyone's lips. It's in the daily news, and every week society gets overwhelmed with information about hacking attacks, industrial espionage, unavailable IT services, and imprisonment of IT criminals. Not least the NSA affair has widely contributed to the qpopularityq of headlines about spying out other nations' administrations, companies and citizens. But scarcely anybody understands what a hacker is doing at all. What the heck is hacking actually? This book is a story about exploit development. It demonstrates how a hacker exploits a browser vulnerability, step-by-step. Starting with the crash time analysis of a vulnerable program, the author develops an exploit and shows blow-by-blow how a hacker thinks; what problems come up, and how an attacker can bypass the security protection mechanisms of the operating system. This book is highly technical! The reader is required to have a slightly perverse inclination to read debug messages, memory addresses and assembler instructions. If you're interested in hacking, you will get a quite good understanding about what hacking is in practice. If you're a newbie to Win32 hacking, roll up your sleeves and become a hacker! Learn about shellcode, and how to bypass ASLR and DEP! If you're part of the InfoSec community, have a good reading. This is no theory, this is deep dive!... bytes) Cyclic pattern (unicode) found at 0x02b4b010 (length 1996 bytes) Cyclic pattern (lower) found at 0x025f9650 (length 1000 bytes) [+] Examining registers EIP contains normal pattern : 0x41397841 (offset 717) ESP (0x025fb90c) pointsanbsp;...

Title:Deep Dive: The Development of an Exploit (Win32)
Author:Manu Carus
Publisher:BoD – Books on Demand - 2015-07-06


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