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The tsunami of laundered drug money surging through the US financial system has a profound corrupting effect on everyone it touches. Fuelled by Americaa€™s unquenchable thirst for cocaine, more than $500 billion dollars of laundered money is present in the system, according to FBI estimates. DDM recounts the intrigue and human tragedy that results when Mexicoa€™s ruthless cocaine cartel collides with Americaa€™s white-gloved world of private banking. Chris Callen, the protagonist is a thirty-year-old investment manager with Goldman Sachsa€™ New York office. After five years with the firm, he is on the fast track, destined to make partner. But the rarified environment of college, business school and Wall Street while equipping him with technical skills and polish has not taught him street-smart survival skills and savvy. He arrogantly but mistakenly believes he is a match for one of Americaa€™s premier entrepreneurs. When Jorge Ruiz, a wealthy Mexican businessman is found murdered on a deserted road in Northern Mexico, a tale of coercion, betrayal and manipulation unfolds. Ruiz, faced with the certain bankruptcy of his auto dealerships by nervous Mexican banks, turns to a shadowy Mafia-controlled finance company to bail him out. The drug lord Carlos Jimenez, who needs to launder his drug profits, controls the finance company. In return for bailing out Ruiza€™ company, Jimenez coerces him to launder his drug money through Ruiza€™ US investment management account with Stafford Securities (SS). The founder and owner of SS is Bill Stafford, Ruiza€™ oldest and closest friend and one of San Franciscoa€™s most successful entrepreneurs. Stafford Securities is the leading investment management firm on the West Coast. Stafford, 56, built the business single-handedly through his own drive, cunning, determination and intelligence. He is a self-made centimillionaire used to getting his own way. Stafford discovers his firm has laundered millions of dollars through the account, unwittingly. Convinced that the FBI wona€™t believe he was unaware of the laundering operation at his company, Stafford and his socialite wife Elaine, fear they will be jailed and their company seized by the Feds. The prospect of forfeiting their wealth, power, social standing and prestige spurs the couple to seek a solution. But in todaya€™s very stringent regulatory environment, where US courts have convicted private bankers of money laundering based on the notion that they OUGHT TO HAVE KNOWN THEIR CLIENTa€™S TRUE SOURCE OF WEALTH, Stafford concedes that pleading ignorance is no defence. Further, once rumors circulate among his wealthy San Francisco clientele that he and his firm are under investigation for laundering money, he fears his clients will desert him. Stafford and Elaine craft a plan to shift blame to Chris Callen whom they hire as a partner at SS on the pretext of setting up the international division. Chris Callen struggles with accepting the rich offer, but eventually succumbs to Stafforda€™s aggressive wooing. Originally from San Francisco, the lure of a partnership interest in Stafford Securities and a generous compensation package, cause him impulsively to accept the job offer. A love interest, Ming Chan, a San Francisco fashion designer, is another motivation to accept the job in San Francisco, leaving New York. Chris is smart, materialistic and driven to succeed, though impulsive and arrogant. Once he takes the new job, Stafford manipulates Chrisa€™ weaknesses (impulsiveness, materialism and arrogance) to position him to take the blame for the money laundering operation.Obviously he did not know about the shooting. He thinks Ia#39;m ... He jostled his way back through the tightly packed crowd and downed the last of his Corona. a€œIa#39;ll find that fucker and ... It was a Honda Shadow, American Dream. 750 cca#39;s of pureanbsp;...

Author:Jim Herlihy
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2000-11-30


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