Deburring and Edge Finishing Handbook

Deburring and Edge Finishing Handbook

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Written by industry expert, LaRoux Gillespie, this handbook is the most comprehensive book on burr removal and the treatment of edges ever published. Armed with this in-depth guide to deburring technologies, any engineer involved with part manufacturing will quickly discover how to accurately identify and evaluate the most efficient and cost effective deburring option(s) for a specific application. This groundbreaking work details 100 internationally recognized deburring and edge finishing processes you can employ. It also offers you an extensive base of technical information on a vast array of tools, applications and procedures available. From burr prevention in the design phase to actual burr removal on the line, you will be better prepared to deal with burrs and edge defects and also determine what tolerance level is acceptable for quality production standards - before it becomes a shopfloor problem. Learn how to weigh aesthetic and functional justifications across a wide array of mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical and manual techniques.Trimming can involve standalone manual machines or integrated lines, or it can be part of transfer die lines. ... Another sheet metal edger tool uses two adjustable rotary burs set face to face to chamfer both the top and bottom of sheet metal ( Figures ... Some sheet metal edgers use small grinding wheels to remove burrs.

Title:Deburring and Edge Finishing Handbook
Author:LaRoux K. Gillespie
Publisher:Society of Manufacturing Engineers - 1999


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