Debugging Indian Computer Programmers

Debugging Indian Computer Programmers

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The backlash against outsourcing American jobs to countries like India had transformed into an anti-immigrant and anti-Indian atmosphere lately. While looking at outsourcing and high-tech visa programs from a completely different angle --and giving an enjoyable account of Indian programmers -- this book answers, in an extremely balanced way, the following complicated questions that have been raised by many American programmers, talkshow hosts, news anchors like Lou Dobbs of CNN, and even by some politicians. If outsourcing is inevitable, whats next for Americans? Did America really benefit from immigrant programmers? Was there never a need to bring immigrant programmers to the U.S.? Are Indian immigrant programmers nothing but corporate lapdogs? Are Indian programmers dumb as rocks and incapable of thinking outside of the box? Did Indian immigrant programmers support the September 11th attacks? Did Americans invent everything that belongs to the computer industry? Is the Indian education system far below world standards? Is there an organized Indian mafia in American universities that hires only Indian cronies?So the a#39;fandaa#39; is buy a Japanese car, preferably a Honda Civic, a Toyota Corolla, a Honda Accord, or a Toyota Camry. All of them have great resale values. In addition, they all have good gas mileage. It made sense to me. I thought it wasanbsp;...

Title:Debugging Indian Computer Programmers
Author:N. Sivakumar
Publisher:DivineTree - 2004-08-01


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