Death of the Chesapeake

Death of the Chesapeake

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In essence this book deals with an area that contributes significantly to the pollution and degradation of Chesapeake Bay, but has been completely overlooked in many of the efforts to restore the Bay, specifically, the federal military pollution sources. The book also recognizes for the first time, that efforts to restore the Bay have failed because of violation of a fundamental precept of environmental cleanup; that is, to sample the site and see what is there. The Bay itself has never been sampled. Thus this book presents a view of the environmental condition of Chesapeake Bay that is totally unique. It covers a part of the history of the Bay that is not widely known, including how the Bay was formed. It presents a mixture of science, military history, and novel solutions to the Bay's degradation. In so doing, the author examines the military use of the Bay and reveals the extent of munitions dumpsites containing nitrogen and phosphorus as well as chemical warfare material, and how this is effecting the environment. The book concludes with the author's own clean-up plan that, if implemented, would go a long way to restoring health to Bay. The book is supplemented with many photographs and maps.a€œThe Remus 100 is a 37 kg/80 pound vehicle that looks like a small torpedo. ... The UUV surfaces every hour or two to get a GPS fix, receive instructions and transmit data, and then goes back to doing what ... Australia and New Zealand also use Remus 100, and over 200 are in use (about a third of all UUVs). ... [A] sub was reacquired by the Navy and taken to the Patuxent Naval Mine Warfare Test Station.

Title:Death of the Chesapeake
Author:Richard Albright
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2013-05-29


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