Death of the American Investor

Death of the American Investor

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This shockingly bold revelation of the current and future state of investing in the US stock market is delivered in two distinct parts a€“ Part One provides the reader with a provocative insight into the aspects of our current society that have contributed to the demise of the average American Investor as we knew him. Everything from the stock market crashes, political and legislative changes to the pathetic parade of financial professionals being indicted for Ponzi schemes. Not only have these events had a critical impact on the day to day trading as well as the overall operation of our stock market but more importantly, it has had a tremendous effect on how Americans view and participate in the market. The clear unveiling of each f these issues or events is presented in a way that every investor will clearly understand how it has specifically affected the market. The reader then moves forward to Part Two, which is comprised of real life strategies and practices that will empower the average investor and encourage his rebirth as a new educated Global eShareholer that can build wealth in any market. This is no longer your grandmother's stock market and you can no longer invest as if it is!qinstability within the financial industry began to bleed into the stock market. On October 1, 2008, [Maybe you have noticed a peculiar pattern with these stock market crashes, where three out of the five largest crashes have occurred in the monthanbsp;...

Title:Death of the American Investor
Author:Nico R. Willis - 2010-12-10


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