Death of a Gangster, Rise of a Young Thug

Death of a Gangster, Rise of a Young Thug

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Wayne was brought into this world as what some would call a qlost cause.q Both his parents were into all type of shit in the streets. When Ali caught Kenya with some dope boys from Florida, he ended up killing one and robbing the other. After he came up on 3 kilos of uncut heroin, he stepped his game up and exposed his only son who was 9 years old to everything that went on in the streets. After Ali committed the murder and Kenya got her son, she gets Wayne, but she robbed Ali's girlfriend for over 700, 000 thousand and leaving Ali to think his son was kidnapped. After a spree of murders, most of the players were killed, but Wayne was left with the spirit of his daddy to get revenge on anybody who was involved. By age 21, Wayne put together a clique of young shooters, whose ambition was to stop at nothing! To them there were no rules, and as far as respect, that had to be earned. Wayne took his click to a level that was not seen in kids their age, they were all filled with grimy attitudes and murderous plots, but Wayne beat the odds and played at the top of his game!Word was that Rico had a bunch of dope in the trunk that night ya#39;all was together and Lila#39; Dee think you set it up, and as far as Ali, hea#39;s riding around wearing a bullet proof vest 24-7 in a brand-new Lexus LS430. I saw him the other day at the anbsp;...

Title:Death of a Gangster, Rise of a Young Thug
Author:Kenneth Dorsey
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-06-01


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