Death Comes by Amphora

Death Comes by Amphora

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In Ancient Athens in 461BC, aristocratic General Kimon has driven back the might of the Persian Empire and forged a new empire for Athens, making his city the commercial centre of the Eastern Mediterranean. Now he is struggling for his political existence against the radical democratic reforms of the demagogue Ephialtes and his ambitious supporter Perikles. Into this political turmoil steps Lysanias, just 18, just reached manhood, and an innocent amidst the deceit and corruption of the big city. Recalled from an Athenian colony by a mysterious message from his wealthy uncle Klereides, he discovers that his uncle has died in suspicious circumstances, that he is the heir, and that his obligations now include marrying his uncle's teenage widow. Convinced that his uncle was murdered and driven by the ancient duty of vengeance, Lysanias sets out to discover the truth, aided by his elderly slave Sindron. Their investigations take them deep into the murky interlocking worlds of Athenian politics, business, finance, religion and even art, where it seems Klereides had many enemies and where even his friends cannot be trusted. With his own loyalties torn between the rival political factions, aristocrats and workers, due to his early training as an artisan, Lysanias himself faces violent death before he and Sindron discover the culprit and Ephialtes' assassin.The storekeeper burst into laughter. a€œThata#39;s a good one. Nikoa#39;s never had a daya#39;s illness in his life! Hea#39;ll be on a six-day binge down the Seamena#39;s Rest. With a story like that to tell, he could drink free for months.a€ Over at the rope pile, Lysaniasa#39;anbsp;...

Title:Death Comes by Amphora
Author:Roger Hudson
Publisher:Twenty First Century Publishers Ltd - 2007-09-01


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