Deadly Quest

Deadly Quest

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Dan Tarlo is comfortably entrenched in a satisfactory career on the Hawaiian Islands as a private eye. He has no idea that the investigation of his best frienda€™s murder is about to thrust him into the most demanding case of his career. The murder is connected to the theft of explosives and soon, Dan finds himself entwined in a world of intrigue, politics, espionage, and most unexpectedly, love. Soon he is in charge of an expedition of the Kilauea Volcano where the stolen explosives are believed to be strategically planted, primed for massive destruction. This could be the annihilation of the Main Island. In his relentless pursuit to solve this case, Dan must match wits against an unknown assailant; enduring a journey of bitter tragedy as this killer/terrorist leaves behind a trail of death and destruction. Dan will not stop, but his frustration increases as he finds himself constantly just one step behind. The clock is ticking...and time is running out.The crossing onto the lava flows is not until about one mile west of glenwood, which is about eighteen miles from here. So the bottom line is that you will be able to use the land rovers for the first eighteen miles and the other two miles will have to be traveled by foot before you even begin your actual search. Anyone have ... a€œOkay, good, a€ the Commissioner said, making one last reference to the map. ... asked glenda. lee ho, the now resident guide, stepped up to glenda 83 Deadly Quest.

Title:Deadly Quest
Author:Thomas Naper
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-10-03


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