Deadly Paradise

Deadly Paradise

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The novel DEADLY PARADISE tells about obsessive love, hatred and the power struggle between the wealthy and powerful Blue Creek Condominium president, Mr. Robert Howards, and the simple, but attractive, Russian immigrant caretaker, Nina. The book is set in a first class high-rise building in Pittsburgh, PA. It is the backdrop for the gripping and frantic story of Rob and Nina's relationship. Intertwined, as well, are the stories of the staff and residents who live in the building. The novel explores many human emotions as well as a variety of characters. The adventures in the narrative include: stories of immigrant life, a struggle with cancer, pure love as contrasted with horrible sadistic love, abuse and harassment. The main dramaturgic line is the deep psychological tragedy and sufferings of a tyrannical man, who was a dictator ruling the kingdom of slaves. Rob finds his only true love in a woman from another culture, a different social class and a completely opposite character. But she keeps him at arms length and unconsciously completely ruined his kingdom which everyone hates and scares. Nina doesn't rebel openly against the oppressive atmosphere, but seeks freedom and democracy in her own way, by living and enjoying her life and singing. She continues to be full of love for the whole world. In this way she wins people's affection and undermined Rob's power in the company. The story culminates when Rob shot Nina in the triumphal hour of her victory.He got our resume and his manager gave us a call only ten days later. What do you think they did in those ten days? They were probably finding information about us. Pittsburgh is not very big and the property management area is evenanbsp;...

Title:Deadly Paradise
Author:Kate Valery
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2007-10-16


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