Deadly Ink 2007 Short Story Collection

Deadly Ink 2007 Short Story Collection

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a€œYou got a problem with that Paco?a€ The Hispanic guy shook his head, still smiling. ... As he headed out of the room, he noticed the pimped-out Honda Civic parked at the end of the lot. It was cherry red with chrome rims and a rear spoiler.

Title:Deadly Ink 2007 Short Story Collection
Author:Rosemary Goodwin Barraco Sarah Chen Robert J. Daniher Frances Augusta Hogg Taylor Holloway Darrell James Randy Kandel M. E. Kemp B. V. Lawson Ceridwen Lewin Judith R. O'Sullivan Daniel Shebses Lina Zrldovich, Rosemary Goodwin Barraco, Sarah Chen, Robert J. Daniher, Frances Augusta Hogg, Taylor Holloway, Darrell James, Randy Kandel, M. E. Kemp, B. V. Lawson, Ceridwen Lewin, Judith R. O'Sullivan, Daniel Shebses, Lina Zrldovich - 2007-06-01


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