Dawn of the Electronic Age

Dawn of the Electronic Age

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A comprehensive and fascinating account of electrical and electronics history Much of the infrastructure of today's industrialized world arose in the period from the outbreak of World War I to the conclusion of World War II. It was during these years that the capabilities of traditional electrical engineeringa€”generators, power transmission, motors, electric lighting and heating, home appliances, and so ona€”became ubiquitous. Even more importantly, it was during this time that a new type of electrical engineeringa€”electronicsa€”emerged. Because of its applications in communications (both wire-based and wireless), entertainment (notably radio, the phonograph, and sound movies), industry, science and medicine, and the military, the electronics industry became a major part of the economy. Dawn of the Electronic Age?explores how this engineering knowledge and its main applications developed in various scientific, economic, and social contexts, and explains how each was profoundly affected by electrical technologies. It takes an international perspective and a narrative approach, unfolding the story chronologically. Though a scholarly study (with sources of information given in endnotes for engineers and historians of science and technology), the book is intended for the general public.?Ultimately, it tells the story of the development of a new realm of engineering and its widespread applications during the remarkable and tragic period of two world wars and the decades in between.The detonation of explosives from a distancea€”a well-established practice and probably the oldest military use of ... Some hydrophones, including ones towed behind a ship, could be rotated by a remotely controlled motor in order to ... In 1898 Nikola Tesla had demonstrated wireless control of model ships [Aitken 1985 p.

Title:Dawn of the Electronic Age
Author:Frederik Nebeker
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2009-05-06


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