David Finkleman and the Curse of the Gold

David Finkleman and the Curse of the Gold

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All that glitters isna€™t gold! Be careful what you wish for because it might come true. David Finkleman finds out what that saying means when he stumbles upon a pot of gold while searching for herbs for his grandfather. But this isna€™t just any ordinary a€œpot of gold.a€ It is a leprechauna€™s pot of gold, filled with wishes and a couple of cursed items: a barrette and comb that came from the Sidhe. David unwittingly gives the barrette to his girlfriend, Sabrina, dooming her to slowly change into a sidhe, and become the Prince of the Sidhea€™s bride! And his brother, Henry steals the comb, making him so vein he cana€™t concentrate on anything but his looks. Can David save two people he loves before their lives turn into disasters and ruin their futures? With a pot of coins David can make many wishes come true, but will those wishes make his life better, or chaos? Join David, Sabrina, Henry, Gramps, Hoss, for another adventure in the Curse of the Gold.Someone had to have stolen this and hid it in the boulder. Was it stolen ... The image of a brand new, black Ford Mustang Convertible popped in my mind with a 305HP, V6 engine, sixspeed manual transmission, and leather seats. Aw, thatanbsp;...

Title:David Finkleman and the Curse of the Gold
Author:PK Burian, ME Drewry
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-12-12


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