Data Communication And Networking

Data Communication And Networking

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Network, Protocols and standards, Line configuration, Topology, Transmission modes, Categories of networks, Internetworks; Transmission media, Transmission impairments, Performance of transmission media, The OSI model, TCP/IP, DTE-DCE interface.MultiplexingFDM, Synchronous TDM, Statistical TDM, Asymmetric digital subscriber lines, XDSL.Data Link ControlFlow control, Error detection-two dimensional parity checks, Internet checksum, CRC.Error control, Transmission efficiency of ARQ protocols, HDLC, Point to point protocol.Circuit SwitchingCircuit switching networks, circuit switches-space division switches, Time division switches, Time-space-time switches, Routing in circuit switching networks, control signaling, SS7.Packet Switching NetworksNetwork services and Internal network operation, Packet network topology, Datagram and virtual circuits, Routing in packet networks, Shortest path algorithms - The Bellman - Ford algorithm, Dijkstra's algorithm, Other routing approaches, Congestion control.ATM and Frame RelayATM protocol architecture, Logical connections, ATM cells, Transmission of ATM cells, ATM adaptation layer, Frame relay, Frame relay protocol architecture.Local Area NetworkLAN applications, LAN architecture, Bus LANs, Ring LANs, Star LANs, Wireless LAN, LAN bridges, IEEE 802.3 Medium access control for 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps LAN, Token ring and FDDI.ISDNArchitecture, ISDN channels, User access, ISDN protocols, Broadband ISDN.ISDN support transmission distance of 18000 feet over existing copper wires and use 2B1Q line coding technique. 2B1Q means two binary one Quaternary, a line coding technique that compresses two binary bits of data into one time state as a four level code. HDSL also used Carrierless ... Advantage of RADSL is it can automatically adjust the sped of the line to reach optimum speed. RADSL ability is toanbsp;...

Title:Data Communication And Networking
Author:I.A.Dhotre V.S.Bagad
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2006-01-01


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