Daniil Kharms

Daniil Kharms

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The qtextsq of Russian artist and thinker Daniil Kharms (1905-1942) were so many and varied and often unique (narrative, dramatic, philosophical, poetic, mathematical, pictographic, diagrammatic, musical, biographical) that they defied categorizationa€”and, thus, thorough study or appreciationa€”through much of the twentieth century. This book, the first in English to view Kharmsa€™s oeuvre in its entirety, is also the first to offer a complete, inclusive, and coherent understanding of the overall project of this artist and writer now considered a major figure in the modernist canon of Europe.Lidia Lesnaia, a€œYtuerebo, a€ in Vvedenskii 1993, 2:150. ... about pen and paper, wrote: a€œWhen a man gives himself up to the government of a ruling passion, a€”or, in other words, when his Hobby-Horse ... and a€œA mana#39;s Hobby-Horse is as tender a part as he has about hima€ (1967, 113). ... In the legal vocabulary, the word delo means case, while in everyday use it holds the meaning work, both in the sense ofanbsp;...

Title:Daniil Kharms
Author:Branislav Jakovljevic
Publisher:Northwestern University Press - 2009-11-24


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