Damage Limitation

Damage Limitation

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The past comes back to haunt Detective Inspector Stewart White again and again in a deadly game of cat-and-mice. Picking up the trail where it left off in Damaged Goods, this riveting crime thriller starts with a bang and never lets up. At the top of Whitea€™s most-wanted list is a maniacal magician who leaves his victims in locked, sealed rooms with no way in or out. But it seems that the magician has fled the countrya€b yet copycat murders are popping up all over Leeds. So who is really behind these murders a€” and what does it have to do with the arrest that earned him a promotion? Two years ago, White apprehended a ruthless Midlands underworld drug lord and racketeer, Leroy a€œKinga€ Richards. The King swore he would get even with White, and now hea€™s escaped from prison. Is he out planning his vengeance a€” and what could that possibly have to do with the surprise appearance of the sister of Robert Cleghorn, the crazed CIA operative from his first case as a Detective Inspector? With nothing up his sleeves, and more than his career at stake, will D.I. Whitea€™s deductive mojo get it all sorted in time?He opened the passenger door and Valerie, very impressed, got into the Vauxhall Insignia he had hired to match the car he used from the council pool. Their planned destination was a country pub with a fine restaurant. But: a€œI think, Ia#39;ll just topanbsp;...

Title:Damage Limitation
Author:Jack Everett & David Coles
Publisher:BRP Publishing Group - 2015-04-06


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