Daily Modernism

Daily Modernism

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Redrawing established boundaries between genres, Podnieks builds a broad critical and theoretical range on which she maps the diary as an aesthetic work, showing how diaries inscribe the aesthetics of literary modernisms. Drawing on feminist theory, literary history, biography, and personal anecdotes, she argues that the diary is an especially subversive space for women writers. Podnieks details how Virginia Woolf, Antonia White, Elizabeth Smart, and AnaAms Nin wrote their diaries under the pretence that they were private, while always intending them to be published. She travelled extensively to examine the original diary manuscripts and offers unique first-hand descriptions of the manuscripts that underscore the artistic intentions of their authors. Daily Modernism contributes to the ongoing feminist revision of literary history and, in its disruption of traditional concepts of qmajorq and qminorq literary forms, paves the way for a much needed reconsideration of the diary as a valid literary achievement.Examining character development in The Hours, she asked, a€œHave I the power of conveying the true reality? ... Kadar, in that she heralded the inclusive term a€œlife writinga€ as she fused essay, diary, and autobiography under the rubric a€œliterature.

Title:Daily Modernism
Author:Elizabeth Podnieks
Publisher:McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP - 2000-01-26


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