Daddy's Home!

Daddy's Home!

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Todaya€™s dad comes home at the end of the day to a job he loves: fatherhood. Daddya€™s Home! gathers together honest and funny true stories about coming home into manhood--getting married, buying a house, having kids, and everything else that happens when you don't want to put off being a grown-up any longer. Steven Schnur writes about the frustrations of infertility, the scary joy of helping his wife give birth, and the relentless scramble to keep up with twins. Always, he gets the details right and adds a dose of his own hard-won wisdom. Todaya€™s dad is learning to appreciate the small things--the daily discoveries children make, the pleasures and worries of raising them right, and the ever-evolving knack for turning little trials into little triumphs. Todaya€™s dad is negotiating the supermarket, coming to terms with his family history and heritage, and living with the sweet chaos of watching his children change. Daddya€™s Home! preserves in words what is so fleeting in nature: a€œthe cherished hopes, the mayhem, and the minor miracles that amplify the narrowly circumscribed universe of one doting father.a€ The perfect companion for both veteran and novice dads, Daddya€™s Home! is a tribute to people everywhere who are heroic in their ability to recognize joy. It is a celebration of a mana€™s biggest challenge-and also his biggest delight.When the ice maker fails andthe servicemanoffers torepair it for $218 or replace the entire refrigerator for$395, we shrug andopt for ... No doubt he wouldshow upin overalls, shine a flashlight into the machine, flip through his repair manual and.

Title:Daddy's Home!
Author:Steven Schnur
Publisher:Crown - 2013-01-23


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