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Cyberspace in increasingly important to people in their everyday lives for purchasing goods on the Internet, to energy supply increasingly managed remotely using Internet protocols. Unfortunately, this dependence makes us susceptible to attacks from nation states, terrorists, criminals and hactivists. Therefore, we need a better understanding of cyberspace, for which patterns, which are predictable regularities, may help to detect, understand and respond to incidents better. The inspiration for the workshop came from the existing work on formalising design patterns applied to cybersecurity, but we also need to understand the many other types of patterns that arise in cyberspace.1. Bratus S, Locasto ME, Patterson ML, Sassaman L, Shubina A. Exploit programming: from buffer overflows to a€œweird machinesa€ ... 2. Shacham H. The geometry of innocent flesh on the bone: return-into-libc without function calls (on the A—86). ... Samuel M, Erlingsson Aš. Leta#39;s parse to prevent pwnage invited position paper.

Author:Clive Blackwell, Hong Zhu
Publisher:Springer - 2014-05-13


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