Cyber Meltdown

Cyber Meltdown

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Respected Bible scholar Ron Rhodes, author of The Coming Oil Storm, addresses another timely issue with integrity in this exploration of how over-dependence on technology puts the nation at risk for cyberattacks and sets the stage for the end times. With up-to-date information, Rhodes prepares readers for the possibility of technology-based warfare and helps them view it in a biblical context as he addresses the following hot topics: what Christians need to know about cybercontrol and the Antichrist what technology and security experts have to say about the risks the validity of the threat of cyberterrorism what a cyberattack against the U.S. would look like the possible role of cyberattacks in end-time wars Both captivating and helpful, this compelling resource provides the truth behind the technology and its likely role in God's plan for the future.SUPERCOMPUTERS Science fiction shows created in the 1970s are laughable now. By the 1990s, home computers were much faster than the computer portrayed on the original Star Ship Enterprise, which displayed green ... technology is now exploding so fast that in ten years, the equivalent of my MacBook Pro might be able to do that! ... Air conditioners are much more comforting than handheld fans.

Title:Cyber Meltdown
Author:Ron Rhodes
Publisher:Harvest House Publishers - 2011-08-01


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