Cyber Crime Fighters

Cyber Crime Fighters

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a€œCyber Crime Fighters: Tales from the Trenches offers one of the most insightful views of the latest criminal threats to the public: cyber crime. This book provides a good primer on how your personal information can be easily obtained by some of the folks you least want to have it.a€ a€”Maureen Boyle, crime reporter, The Enterprise of Brockton, MA a€œExperts Felicia Donovan and Kristyn Bernier pull no punches in explaining the dangers lurking on the Web, from identity appropriation and theft to using new technology and the Internet to facilitate real-life stalking. Parents especially will be shocked at how easy it is for predators to target and solicit children online. a€œBy clearly explaining the dangers that lurk online and highlighting practical tips to minimize your risk, the authors have created a book that not only educates but empowers readers to protect themselves.a€ a€”Jennifer Hemmingsen, columnist and former public safety reporter, The (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) Gazette Written by leading cyber crime investigators, Cyber Crime Fighters: Tales from the Trenches takes you behind the scenes to reveal the truth behind Internet crime, telling shocking stories that arena€™t covered by the media, and showing you exactly how to protect yourself and your children. This is the Internet crime wave as it really looks to law enforcement insiders: the truth about crime on social networks and YouTube, cyber stalking and criminal cyber bullying, online child predators, identity theft, even the latest cell phone crimes. Here are actual cases and actual criminals, presented by investigators who have been recognized by the FBI and the N.H. Department of Justice. These stories are truea€“and if you want to stay safe, you need to know about them. a€c Learn how todaya€™s criminals can track your whereabouts, read your emails, and steal your identity a€c Find out how much of your personal information is already onlinea€“and how to keep the rest private a€c Learn how cyber stalkers really thinka€“and how to protect yourself from them a€c Protect your laptop, your iPod, and your precious data from getting stolen a€c Encounter the a€œdark sidea€ of Internet dating a€c Discover the hidden crime wave on todaya€™s specialized social networks a€c Uncover the cell phone a€œupskirtersa€ and a€œdownblousersa€ a€“and the technicalities that keep them out of jail a€c Follow cyber crime specialists as they investigate and catch online sexual predators a€c Get the real truth about phishing, pharming, criminal spam, and online scams a€c See how investigations really worka€“and why TV crime shows often get it wrong! a€c Walk through your own personal, step-by-step, online safety checkupProsecutors claim that Soloway sent more than 90 million emails in 3 months from just two of the many servers he ... New Twista€”Text Spam on Your Cell Phone Ever get a text message on your cell phone telling you to apply for a job or ... Verizon Wireless says they block more than 200 million spam messages per month.

Title:Cyber Crime Fighters
Author:Felicia Donovan, Kristyn Bernier
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2008-12-04


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