Cursed - Blessed Footsteps

Cursed - Blessed Footsteps

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a€œYour beginning doesna€™t have to define your ending!a€ Felicia Shell often tells others. In this hard hitting autobiography, Cursed, Blessed Footsteps My Journey to the Cross, you will see how she has developed a deep desire to see those in bondage set free. Ita€™s a subject Felicia knows personally. Brace yourself as you step into this womana€™s life that reads like a movie script. Her cursed beginnings include dysfunctional childhood, rebellion, horrendous physical and sexual abuse, suicide attempts, and manipulative witchcraft attacks. Despite her accursed beginnings, with the redemptive Blood of Jesus Christ she is transformed into a blessed wife, mother, graduate, and radical Soldier for the Kingdom of God. Everyone will identify with her testimony where the victim becomes victorious! In her fascinating story on getting delivered from her demons you will discover the basic spiritual principles that helped her counteract attacks sent by the dark side. Through her personal journey she shows you straight forward methods to walk into the fullness of what God has for you.So I decided on a a€œ2005 Nissan Altima, silver or gold.a€ A few days went by, and I was on the phone with another friend, I met through Sherika named Melvin. I mentioned that I believed I was about to get the car I wanted, but the only problemanbsp;...

Title:Cursed - Blessed Footsteps
Author:Felicia Shell
Publisher:Outskirts Press - 2015-02-03


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