Curriculum Focus The Tudors History KS2

Curriculum Focus The Tudors History KS2

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Part of a popular series that will inspire the teachers, especially the non-specialists, to teach history and geography with confidence. * comprehensive background information * extensive photocopiable resources such as pictures, charts and diagrams * detailed lesson plans * differentiated activities at three ability levels * ideas for support and extension * suggestions for incorporating ICT. The Tudors chapters include: * The Tudor family * Henry VIII * The six wives of Henry VIII * Why did Henry marry six times? * Rich people in Tudor times * Poor people in Tudor times * Compare and contrast Tudor life with life today * Exploration in the Tudor period * Drake's voyage around the world * English settlements in AmericaThey have to imagine what life was like for Edward, the eldest son, and write a diary entry for a day in his life. It may contain drawings. Then they have to describe what they think Jamesa#39;s life was like and how he felt, using words and drawings.

Title:Curriculum Focus The Tudors History KS2
Author:Mike Temple
Publisher:Andrews UK Limited - 2014-07-02


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