Culture X Goes to School

Culture X Goes to School

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Floors that generate power, the electronic wall, mix-a€˜n-match modular school buildings, along with the Education Congress of the States and the 622 Curriculum are among the suggestions offered by Ebert and Maxwell in this provocative view toward revolutionizing one of the oldest institutions in the United States: Public Education. But first is the in-depth treatment of the myth of education reform, our national identity crisis, the fading American culture, and the emergence of Culture X. The failure of school reform efforts to elevate public education in the United States to a preeminent position is due to the myth of educational reform; the mistaken belief that substantive changes actually occur. Culture X Goes to School offers a treatise, a workbook, and an invitation for you to become a player in determining who we are as a culture and where we are going. Some additional key features of this book include: a€cThought-provoking activities in every chapter a€cDetailed guide for assessing school reforms at the local or state level a€cSpecific, innovative suggestions from school facilities to curriculum to administrationBy this point in your reading you should be able to come up with some possible answers to that question. ... are concerns that the diversion of funds from state taxes to federal taxes would gobble up the purchasing power of those dollars before they ... The State Please notice that we have labeled this section 156 CHAPTER 8.

Title:Culture X Goes to School
Author:Edward S. Ebert II, Darlene M. Maxwell
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2015-02-04


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