Cultural Transfer Through Translation

Cultural Transfer Through Translation

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Given that the dissemination of enlightened thought in Europe was mostly effected through translations, the present collection of essays focuses on how its cultural adaptation took place in various national contexts. For the first time, the theoretical model of 'cultural transfer' (Espagne/Werner) is applied to the eighteenth century: The intercultural dynamics of the Enlightenment become manifest in the transformation process between the original and target cultures, be it by way of acculturation, creative enhancement, or misunderstanding. Resulting in shifts of meaning, translations offer a key not just to contemporary translation practice but to the discursive network of the European Enlightenment in general. The case studies united here explore both how translations contributed to the transnational standardisation of certain key concepts, values and texts, and how they reflect national specifications of enlightened discourses. Hence, the volume contributes to Enlightenment studies, at least as much as to historical translation studies.This particularly murky example of cultural transfer points towards a moment of uncanny productivity in the field of late-Enlightenment popular writing. I say uncanny, as it seems as ... The model of translation here seems to be rather that which Walter Benjamin has proposed in his essay Die ... 162-164. 56. Alan Menhennet, a#39;Schiller and the Germanico-terrific romancea#39;, Publications of 154 Barry Murnane.

Title:Cultural Transfer Through Translation
Author:Stefanie Stockhorst
Publisher:Rodopi - 2010-01-01


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